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CHARACTER NAME: Robert Drake | Iceman
FANDOM: Ultimate Marvel
CHRONOLOGY: Ultimate Spider-Man #160
ALTER EGO: Bobby Drake


Bobby Drake is a mutant who can control ice. In the world he's in, mutants are treated with suspicion and prejudice. Sentinels are super-powered machines sent to identify and kill mutants. When Bobby is fifteen, he runs away from home and is nearly killed by a Sentinel. Bobby is rescued by the X-Men, a mutant squad consisting of teenagers just like him trying to handle their powers. They are led by Professor X, a telepath and headmaster of the Xavier Institute. Bobby's powers first manifest when he freezes a Sentinel in place before it lands on a crowd. The ape-like mutant, Beast (Hank McCoy), lifts Bobby off his face and cheers, giving him his codename, Iceman. The crowd jeers at them and are jerks to the team that just saved their lives. The X-Men return to the institute with Bobby, their newest member.

With the X-Men, he goes on various missions to both serve and protect human and mutant kind alike. At first, Professor X warns him of the dangers of these missions, but Bobby charges straight into them with a lot of energy despite the danger. He uses quips and puns on the battle field, lightening team spirit.

The Brotherhood of Mutants is a terrorist organization for mutant supremacy led by Magneto, an elderly man who has control over magnetism. The Brotherhood kidnaps the president's daughter in one of Magneto's plots for revenge against humanity. Bobby informs Professor X and the others when he sees the news on TV. Through teamwork, their newest member Wolverine is able to get the president's daughter to safety. However, the X-Men's clash with the Brotherhood leaves their teammate Hank in critical condition. Magneto lets them go with their lives.

They return to the Institute. Hank is rushed into surgery. Bobby reacts the strongest by locking himself in his room. He views the X-Men as more than just teammates, but friends. He especially feels a kinship with Hank who first saved him from the Sentinels and gave him his name. With Professor X and Jean Grey's (Marvel Girl) help, Hank is back on his feet.

The X-Men are invited to the White House to discuss the Brotherhood situation with the president. The president informs them they have found the Savage Land, a sanctuary for mutants led by Magneto. Scott Summers (Cyclops) defects to the Savage Land. The president informs the X-Men that an army of Sentinels are being sent to destroy the Savage Land. Bobby and the others freak out as their teammate Scott Summers (Cyclops) has defected to the island in a moment of passionate anger with the Professor. Magneto reprograms the Sentinels after they do some severe damage and redirects them to take out Washington D.C. The X-Men put up a fight against the Brotherhood, Sentinels, and Magneto. Professor X delivers the final blow, rewriting Magneto's personality and sending him away in anonymity.

Closely following these events, Bobby is sent with Scott (who has returned) and Peter Rasputina (Colossus) to recruit Magneto's children, Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Pietro (Quicksilver) into the X-Men. They find them attacking a convoy escorting Magneto's helmet whereas Pietro and Wanda thought it was his body. The recruitment fails spectacularly when Pietro and Wanda find out and they escape.

With things settling down, Bobby goes home to visit his parents for his mother's birthday. At her party, he gets a cool sixteen-year old girlfriend with whom he confesses basically every aspect of his (mutant) life to. Jean and Professor X learn this information as soon as he returns by scanning Bobby's mind. They both decide to completely erase all memory of his conversations about mutants with his girlfriend. When Bobby finds Peter, he asks about his girlfriend. Bobby responds with, "What girlfriend?" implying that a lot more than conversation was erased from his memories.

Right after this conversation, the Institute is under attack by Weapon X, a government program that uses mutants for black ops missions. Bobby manages to escape the initial blast to put his suit on and confront the soldiers' head on with threats. He's immediately brought down by Rogue, one of the mutants working for Weapon X, who uses her ability of absorbing people's powers to take Jean's telepathy and mentally torture Bobby. They take down the X-Men and bring them back to Weapon X base to torture and train them as soldiers. Each of them is branded with a number--Bobby gets lucky number six. Weapon X uses them on covert missions and threatens them if they try to escape. Back in the cell Bobby shares with Peter, he breaks down, worrying that they are going to die and no one will know about it. Peter comforts Bobby, saying that Wolverine will come to rescue them. Just as he finishes, guards drag Wolverine's steaming body down the hall. He joins them in the cells with a plan conjured with SHIELD director Nick Fury. After days of waiting around, the power suddenly goes off in the building, letting Bobby and his friends out of their cells. The Brotherhood of Mutants crash in to save them. Outside, they have a chance to bring down the whole building with people still inside, but Jean stops them, telling them they aren't killers. Rogue goes to knock her out, but Bobby freezes her hand, agreeing immediately with Jean. The others come around with the exception of the Brotherhood. SHIELD and Wolverine join the scene, explaining their involvement in tracking down the base through Wolverine.

With everyone home and safe, life returns to normal at the Xavier Institute or as normal as it can get. Professor X gets the X-Men name out there by writing articles and featuring them in top magazines. The X-Men become international celebrities, both loved and feared. Professor X brings them to London for an eight week promotional tour. The X-Men have been split into separate groups to do super heroic work in London and then get graded by Professor X. He lectures Wolverine, Peter, and Bobby (but mostly Wolverone) on the casualties and injuries as a result of their narcotics bust. Bobby argues that he signed up to be an X-Man, not a social worker. Professor X lectures about mutants integrating with society and showing everyone they aren't bad, blah blah blah.

The gang go to Muir Island to meet Moira McTaggert, scientist and Professor X's ex-wife. They are given a tour of a mutant psychiatric facility secretly run by Moira and Charles. Moira informs them that her son (David) with Charles is on the loose. Professor X sends Wolverine to subdue him, but he winds up getting possessed by David. He returns to Muir Island to attack and psychically exploit their weak points. David announces to everyone Bobby's desperate crush on Ororo (Storm) and the trauma he's still healing from as caused by the fight with Magneto and the Brotherhood. After almost being taken down, David makes a run for it by leaping from Wolverine's body into oncoming traffic. The X-Men are sent to track him down, bringing them to Germany much to the dissatisfaction of some of the members (Bobby included).

They get sidetracked when Peter finally comes back from a brief stint of doubt to rejoin the X-Men. Before they could greet their friend, David attacks, using Betsy Braddock, a powerful psychic. Bobby isn't able to reach his powers as if his body is trying to protect him from the fight. Professor X taps into his mind, coaxing him to join the fight, and informing him he's one of the three most powerful mutants on the team. Bobby's powers return to full max as he ices up. He's instantly taken out by David (good job, Professor X). David is taken out when Betsy assumes control and Peter drops a car on his head, yep.

Bobby is sent to an intensive care unit, severely injured. His parents decide to take Bobby out of the Xavier Institute and sue Professor X for damage and neglect. The lawsuit grabs international attention on Bobby's family and the institute. When Bobby is fit to walk around, he argues with his parents over the hundred million dollar lawsuit and attitude towards mutants. His parents then guilt trip him on the hardships they have faced when people discovered their son was a mutant. Bobby is manipulated into standing before a large crowd on national television to make a statement against Professor X and the school. Instead of betraying his friends, Bobby argues that the X-Men are super heroes and the Xavier Institute has taught him integrity and honesty. He walks away after riling up the crowd.

Meanwhile, Magneto snaps back to reality and returns to plotting evil things. SHIELD is on the case immediately with Nick Fury mistakenly assuming the X-Men have sided with the Brotherhood. Professor X tries the peaceful route, attempting to reach out to Magneto, but as it turns out, it was a cover-up for Wolverine to infiltrate Magneto's home base. Magneto suspects his plans and informs the Ultimates, a SHIELD based team of super powered heroes, of the X-Men's whereabouts. The Ultimates overpower the X-Men until Bobby barges in with powers in tow and helps them escape. While the X-Men flee, Professor X is captured by SHIELD.

The X-Men go into hiding with the exception of Scott who is presumably dead from a mission gone wrong in the Savage Land (Wolverine's fault). They try putting their name out their again through super heroics to prove their innocence, but with great difficulty. They are caught in one of their safe houses by Magneto. He invites them to join his side and the base (the Citadel) he has made in the Arctic. He gives them a deadline to make their decision and leaves.

Magneto has a mutant amplifier machine that turns his powers up to 11, allowing him to reach across the earth with his control over magnetism. As he has the world at its fingertips, the X-Men receive a distress call from Scott who has been rescued by the Brotherhood and taken to the Citadel for recovery. The X-Men crash the X-Jet into the Citadel, but Magneto's powers are too much for them. With Peter's strength and love for his friends, he fights against the magnetism holding him to the ground and takes out Magneto just as Professor X swoops in with an army of Sentinels and mutants on his side. As one last resort, Magneto detonates a nuclear power plant in Miami that will take out the entirety of the east coast if not contained. Jean's mutant abilities excelled by the Phoenix Force saves the day and nothing goes boom.

The news stations go wild after the X-Men hand Magneto to the Ultimates. The students are once again in the spotlight, but continue trying to live normal lives. Professor X recruits Warren Worthington III (Angel), Rogue, and Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler). However, a rival champion for mutant rights rises up in the form of Emma Frost. After negotiating with the government, she organizes a rally in which displays her mutants including Hank who has defected to her side. Sentinels disrupt the rally and presumably kill Hank. The X-Men escape with Hank's body and bury him in the backyard.

Some time after wards, a mutant serial killer is in the city and the X-Men go after him, leaving Bobby at the school with Warren, Kitty, Rogue, and new recruit Alison (Dazzler). As it turns out, the serial killer (Sinister) decides to drop by the school where the students must fight against him with Bobby throwing the first punch. He gets shot, breaking some ribs, but the rest of the team takes out Sinister.

Bobby and Rogue begin dating, having gotten close after she settled into the mansion. Kitty gets jealous, because she has a crush on Bobby. While at a carnival Kitty and Bobby get into an argument over Rogue before kissing each other. Rogue finds them and knocks Kitty out. Gambit, another mutant not affiliated with the X-Men, barges in on the scene and gets into a fight with Bobby. Gambit causes more trouble, holding Rogue hostage and taking down rides and attractions. Gambit escapes with Rogue and takes her to the Von Struckers, twin mutants who are, well, evil. The X-Men track their location. Bobby foolishly tries attacking the Von Struckers alone, but is knocked back. When they find Rogue, she's seen kissing Gambit. She drops out of the institute to be with Gambit, breaking Bobby's heart.~

It's right back to business when Bobby is sent on a mission to the small island of Krakoa with Kitty, Scott, and Jean to find information on Longshot, a convict on a mutant-hunting television program. Bobby is not happy at all about going, still hung up on Rogue to Kitty's annoyance. The group is attacked by Spiral, a six-armed mutant whom presumably framed Longshot of the crime of assassinating a high-profile politician. Jean goes all Phoenix Force on her and Bobby freezes Spiral into place for interrogation. They learn Longshot is the killer after all and let Spiral go. When they return home, they learned their teammates also went to Krakoa to take down the television program and free Longshot which sucks. In good news, Bobby and Kitty make amends and begin dating.

...which doesn't last long when Kitty finds out Bobby has still been keeping in contact with Rogue via e-mail and still has strong feelings for her, going so far as to go on simulated dates with her using the Danger Room. Kitty dumps him on the spot.

Bobby is sent with Jean and Peter to protect the borders of the Triskelion, a SHIELD hi-maximum prison that contains both Magneto and the magnetic-powered mutant Lorna Dane (Polaris). Several of her classmates at Ms. Frost's school for mutants, including her boyfriend and Scott's brother Alex (Havok), are looking to free her from the prison, believing her innocent of an incident in which she was framed for losing control of her powers and killing several civilians. In actuality, Magneto's old Brotherhood followers set up the whole thing and help Magneto escape. After bumping heads with the Ultimates, Alex, and Jean-Paul (Northstar, one of Emma Frost's pupils), Nick Fury shows up and basically tells them all to go home after being convinced not to arrest them all.

Back at the institute, Rogue comes back completely with Gambit's powers instead of her own. One night, everyone in the mansion leaves to do their own thing, leaving Bobby and Rogue alone together for the first time since she last took off. Rogue takes advantage of her ability to touch again and loses her virginity with Bobby that night. They are happy for some time, but Rogue's control begins to fade until she is unable to not touch anyone again for fear of hurting them.

Wolverine from the future comes back and calls himself Cable. He stages Professor X's death, leaving his students to mourn with another time-traveling mutant, Bishop, who is secretly working with Cable. Cable trains Professor X for an oncoming threat, Apocalypse.

Scott is left with responsibility for the Institute after Professor X's supposed death. He decides to disband the X-Men and emphasize the "school" part of the Xavier Institute. The school opens its doors, welcoming a multitude of new mutants. Bobby and Rogue are kept as students while the other remaining X-Men work as teachers.

With Bishop leading his own team of X-Men consisting of Beast (surprise, he was alive the whole time), Wolverine, Storm, Dazzler, and Angel--the others are free to relax until Apocalypse, the "first" mutant with a name that speaks for itself--is reborn. He controls the mutant genes within the bodies of Bobby and his former teammates, forcing them to come out and fight against others. Cable and Professor X come back, ready to fight. Professor X fails in stopping Apocalypse when his powers prove not to be strong enough. Jean unleashes the Phoenix Force, obliterating Apocalypse, but becoming fully infused with the Phoenix. Jean transports everyone back to their respective places, wounds healed and cleaned up. The only ones who seem to remember the events are those of Bishop's X-Men and the Xavier Institute, giving them a fresh start.

The X-Men return back to basics--baseball games and Danger Room exercises. But during a baseball game with Ms. Frost's kids, Bobby comes in fully iced out and crumbles into pieces. Alpha Flight barges in to screw things up. They kidnap Jean-Paul and Bobby is put into intensive care. He's pieced back together and his ice powers are able to heal the rest. Peter leaves with Dazzler, Angel, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Rogue--Bobby's girlfriend--to go take drugs that enhances their powers and rescue Jean-Paul. The X-Men track them down into a cheap hide out and attack, because that's all they know how to do apparently. This helps and everyone is back at the Institute not addicted to drugs anymore.

The events of Ultimatum are triggered by the death of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in the Ultimates title. Discovering his children are dead, Magneto is hellbent on destroying all of man kind (again) while masterminds like Loki and Dr. Doom watch, manipulating events in their favor. Natural disasters hit major cities including New York caused by Magneto and Thor's hammer, Mjonlnir, which he stole. A tidal wave takes many lives including those of Alison, Kurt, and Hank. The Xavier Institute is attacked by Sentinels, killing all of the students except for Rogue and those out on the field. While the remaining X-Men try to look for survivors among the rubble, Magneto confronts Professor X in the Institute and kills him. Jean informs the others who have already suffered so much loss. Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) is being mind controlled to send his duplicates out to suicide bomb important buildings and mutant gathering places as part of Magneto's plan. Wolverine snaps the connection and Jamie Madrox (Multiple Man) decides to suicide bomb the Citadel with the aid of Ultimates team member Hank Pym (Giant-Man). In a final confrontation with Magneto, Wolverine and Angel lose their lives. With the help of Jean's telepathic powers, Magneto loses it. Nick Fury reveals the truth that the mutant gene was created by scientists trying to duplicate the super soldier serum that made hero, Captain America. Scott steps in and obliterates Magneto until he is no more.

In the aftermath, mutants are forced to register with the government or be shot at site. Scott steps up to speak against these new laws, but is assassinated by Pietro, hiding in the crowd.

Out of that (badly written) event, the only survivors of the X-Men team are Jean Grey, Peter Rasputina, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, and Bobby Drake. They are left to bury the dead of their mutant brethren. Bobby destroys the X-Mansion with his ice ability and Jean officially disbands the team, each one going their separate ways.

Six months later, Bobby is no longer part of the X-Men or dating Rogue. His parents kick him out of the house, because he's a mutant. He tries to find a place to sleep, first starting with Kitty and later moving in with Peter Parker (Spider-Man), Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Gwen Stacey at Aunt May's house for wayward teens. With Johnny and Bobby being world~ famous, they put on disguises (i.e. get new hair cuts) and pose as Peter's cousins in order to attend school regularly.

Of course, going to school with Spider-Man is no walk in the park. On Bobby's first day of school, the school already gets attacked by a killer robot looking for Spider-Man. Kitty also attends the school and is an out-and-proud mutant. During class, government officials come in asking for Kitty to leave the school. She flips out, even turning her back on Bobby and his friends, and goes into hiding. As a result of this, Aunt May has asked the boys not to go super hero out in the city anymore.

Aunt May lifts the ban when they discover the Chameleon is impersonating Peter and using his Spider-Man identity to go on a crime spree. They catch up to the Chameleon and his sister in his hide out with the real Peter who has been kidnapped. They take down the Chameleon(s) and hand them over to SHIELD.

Several solo Spider-Man adventures later, Peter finds Kitty and she agrees to come home to see her friends. When they arrive back, the others have thrown a surprise birthday for Peter. Bobby is happy to have Kitty back, having not seen her since the incident.

Norman Osborn and several other of Spider-Man's foes escape prison in the middle of an Ultimates showdown turning the city into panic. Peter stops by the house to get Gwen and Aunt May out to safety. However, Johnny and Bobby were out, oblivious to what was happening. When they return home, they find a hand written note asking them to get out to safety. When they leave the house, Norman Osborn with villains Electro, Kraven, Vulture, and Sandman question them about Peter's location. Johnny and Bobby get into a scuffle with the villains. They get knocked unconscious as an injured Spider-Man limps in. He fends them off best he can, but grows weaker. Aunt May comes back and shoots Electro before he could kill her nephew. Norman Osborn is the biggest threat though and despite Peter throwing everything he's got at him, he falls back (possibly) dead. Everyone with the exception of a still knocked-out Bobby stands around Peter to cry.


When we first meet Bobby, he is cold, scared, and alone. He commits the selfless act of running away for his parent's sake and risk detective by the Sentinels. When they do finally attack him, he's scared, but he's swept up in the excitement caused by the X-Men. After his attack on the Sentinel and induction into the team, he quickly accepts his role as a mutant and student. He throws himself head first into the first several missions, confident that this is what he must do. He's definitely head strong over it by relaying humorous quips and being the most light-hearted out of his teammates during field missions.

He does feel though with all his heart especially for those he holds dearly. He grows close to his teammates and refers to them as his friends possibly sooner than the other, more apprehensive X-Men. He's deeply effected, for instance, by Hank's critical condition. In the beginning, he attaches to Hank as his savior from the Sentinels and looks to him like a brother. Bobby also admires the ~rebels~ of the X-Men at the beginning. He thinks Wolverine is so cool for being mysterious and having the freedom to leave whenever he wanted. He crushes on Storm, the bad girl of the group.

Bobby is still young, younger than all of them, and it shows through his mannerisms and relationships. As a young teen, he's in a rebellious stage, impulsive, and foolish, but he's also an important addition to the X-Men. Professor X describes Bobby as having a warm heart and sense of humor that is a strength to everyone on the team.

What's admirable is that no matter how terrified he is, he leaps to his teammates' defense. When Magneto surprises the X-Men at their safe house, Bobby is the first to tell everyone to get down as he launches an attack. This is the same boy who wet the bed for several months after one of his first missions between the Brotherhood of Mutants and X-Men. With the help of Professor X, Bobby uses his fear to be there for his friends.

All that said, he has strong opinions and he isn't afraid to make them known. He stands against his parents when they try persuading him to denounce Professor X and the institute. He firmly believes that Professor X is right in trying a peaceful approach in coexisting with humans and that mutants have the same rights as everyone else. Xavier good, Magneto bad is his mantra, basically.

He is able to sympathize though. For example, he is the first one to reach out to Rogue when she joins the team and believes in her ability to do good despite her being a former member of Weapon X. Rogue brings out a different side of Bobby, showing that he is still a teenager despite the circumstances. He adopts some of Rogue's vocabulary, deviating away from being the good, clean-mouthed son. He throws himself wholeheartedly into his relationship with Rogue akin to how he is on missions. He professes his love at the beginning of their relationship and spends quite some time angry and depressed when she leaves. He's still a growing boy, confused about his feelings with girls such as Kitty and upset over his revolving relationship with Rogue whom he believes is his true love~.

Academically, Bobby doesn't seem to know too much. It's implied several times how his intelligence seems to be...lacking (lol, he can't spell Rogue), but he makes up for it in pop culture references ranging from mid-20th century to modern times.

Ice manipulation. Bobby is able to turn water into ice, manipulating it into a variety of shapes or projectiles. He can also travel by transforming the water molecules found in the air to ice and using it as a slide. He is able to coat his entire body in a layer of ice and appears to be invulnerable to the cold.


[ The voice is so sudden and loud on the communicator. He doesn't know how to work the communicator well enough to turn on video, but people with keen hearing can probably tell it's a teenage boy. When he speaks again, it's angrily. ]

If you bastards think you're gonna win by separating us, you...you...well, we're gonna kick your ass, that's what! And don't think I don't know that you can hear me! Me and my friends will find you and you won't get away with this.

[ His tone shifts gears to something more worried and pleading, but he tries to mask it with bravado. ]

Torch? Spidey? Tell me you've got this thing too, or whoever is keeping them, be a man and talk to me 'stead of giving me a pimped out walkie talkie and dumping me in some building.

You don't scare me. You know why? 'Cause I fought Magneto and he's like a grade A supervillain, so you should be scared. That's right.


LOGS POST (THIRD PERSON) SAMPLE: At first, when he woke up, Bobby thought he had been kidnapped again and thrown into some strange testing area. It sent him into panic with memories of Weapon X surfacing after so long, and he wanted to fight back. He covered his body in ice and took an aggressive stance, but then he got a phone and some other papers and was on his way out of the building like this was routine.

It only made him panic more.

On top of that, his body felt good as new. There were no bruises along his arms or torso and he wagered a guess there were none anywhere else. His head didn't hurt like it should. In fact, he looked like he never went into battle. It could just mean he was out for weeks and it was an unsettling thought, because it was so possible.

He was hated back home. Not by his friends or surrogate family who treated him respectfully and wonderfully, but by the general population and the government. Being a mutant was dangerous and feared, because Magneto decided to go psycho on everyone. Bobby had been careful to hide his powers, even taking on a new identity along with Johnny, but there were people out there who had a way of knowing things and getting to him just like Weapon X.

But he wasn't in a forest covered with snow and motion sensors. In fact, it looked like New York City, but slightly off. It could be an illusion. With the Ultimates working with the government, they probably had the technology or power to do it, but he couldn't just start smashing walls to see if they'll break. The phone was the only thing he could actually use and he felt queasy looking at it.

At least he was with his friends when they were taken to Weapon X. He could cry into their shoulders and share their woes. Here, he was alone.

He hated being alone.

Bobby stared hard at the phone for several minutes before swearing and flipping it open to use.



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